MambaMax Mods


All the mods started from this thread on RC-Monster Forum and temporary duplicated here.

Step by step Mod1:
Removing cover from ESC, by removing 2 screws. Fixing ESC in the wise for futher unsoldering.
Unsolder side A
then side B
separate two boards
Remove stock capacitors
Clear capacitors vias for new components
Install new capacitors.
Add booster capacitor and zener diode (TVS).
Cut brass (copper) plate for internal FET’s.
Apply thermogrease (i.e Arctic silver ceramique thermal compound) and thermoepoxy (i.e Arctic Silver Alumina Premium Thermal Adhesive) in the coners.
Re-attach Main heatsink with the same epoxy, if original was poorly secured.
Add small heatsink for CPU unit, just a copper foil/tape would be sufficient, securing with the same epoxy or tape adhesive. Check for airgap between CPU heatsink (and other components) and FET’s heatsink (brass/copper plate).
Final view.

Step by step Mod2

Start with taking two ESC’s apart.
Mass production always has problems with QC, check another heatsink problem…

New pcb layout with 6 layer, 6 oz copper helps allot but makes unsoldering challenging.

Grind FET’s with sand paper (220+ Grid) on flat surface for better adhesion and flatness.

Apply Epoxy Top & Bottom

Attach Top and Bottom heatsink plates.

Solder header to the top board.

Solder new capacitors to the top board.

Check assembly.

Apply thermogrease for middle Fet’s.

Solder middle layer capacitors and headers.

Reinstall CPU pcb.

Final view.

Will be continued…

Mod3 a and b (5S 150A 25-100C / 15S 75A 25-100C) New FET’s, new Power board

Under development, resolving issues with layout and fet drivers.

New Fet’s and new layout from Castle Creations

MambaMax above 4S LiPo with LiPo support: DOESN’T WORK, DON’T TRY! UPDATE WILL FOLLOW.

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