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Traxxas pro style ball differential

The xxx-nt and gt come with ball diffs, and yes they are worth it. The Pro Ball Diff has a weak diff screw that requires extra care when assembling so it won’t become over tightened, or you’ll risk snapping the screw. The xxx-nt diff has basically the same components as the Traxxas Pro Ball Diff. All of the parts in the Pro Ball Diff are replaceable. The Pro Ball Diff offers much better handling going into turns and if you plan on advancing to a full-fledged off-road race truck the Ball Diff is something that needs to be learned. Follow the instructions than come with Pro Ball Diff’s closely. Here are a few tips concerning the Pro Ball Diff:

  • Here is how to hook up the ball diff
  • Follow the instruction and put the diff together
  • Tighten it up until the thrust washers just start to crush
  • Install the ball diff
  • (It is easier for me to use the right wheel in the next steps but R or L will work)
  • Tighten the slipper nut all the way
  • Hold the right wheel in your right hand while holding the spur gear with your right thumb
  • Now try to turn the left rear wheel while spying the slipper
  • Nothing should turn (everything should be locked up)
  • If you can turn the left rear wheel, the diff isn’t tight enough
  • Follow the instructions and tighten the diff about 5 degrees and then try the above steps
  • When the diff is lock or start to chirp and bark you are in within range
  • Now everything is looked up or the diff is chirping and barking when you try to turn the left wheel
  • Now start to loosen up the slipper nut
  • Now with your right hand hold the right wheel and spur gear and try to turn the left wheel again
  • When you get to the point that the slipper starts to slip (the slipper nut, shaft and pressure plate will be turning but the spur gear won’ t because your holding it remember)
  • You can loosen the slipper nut to your desired setting
  • To check the diff hold the spur gear and turn the a rear wheel slowly (the fell your felling will be the diff balls flowing on the friction disk. If the diff fells gritty it is time to rebuild it).


  • I forget one thing; the ball diff needs to be broken-in. To do this set the ball diff up just like I mentioned in the above thread. Now loosen the slipper clutch nut so that it’s fairly loose. Put the truck on the track and run it at about ¼ throttle for at least one tank preferably two (don’t over rev the engine). Once you have that done, retighten the slipper nut using the method I posted above. All of my tips come straight for trackside, and they come from expert’s factory team drivers.
  • Special Note: If you have a broken diff screw it can be removed with a #1 extractor. Use a #54 drill bit to drill the hole, sometimes you can getaway with using a left hand #54 drill bit without the extractor.
Теоретический расчет максимальной скорости Traxxas Nitro Rustler

Задался вопросом о макимально возможной скорости Traxxas Nitro Rustler.
Математический расчет дал следующие результаты:

На входе:
Internal ratio - внутреннее передаточное число, для Nitro rustler в коробке 2,81
RPM - количество оборотов двигателя в минуту, для TRX 3.3 взял пиковое значение 30100.
PI - Пи, 3,14.
Wheel diameter - диаметр колеса в мм, стоковое колесо 99 мм.

Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil - Масло для амортизаторов

Traxxas does not list the weight of this oil, but it is believed to be approximately 30wt.
TRA1666 - This is the standard oil that is installed in many Traxxas vehicles from the factory.

Вязкость масла, которое Traxxas льет в амортизаторы почти всех своих моделей составляет приблизительно 30wt.


As for gearing, a smaller spur gear or larger cb will gear the truck higher (more top speed less acceleration) & a larger spur and/or smaller cb will gear the truck lower (more acceleration and less top speed)


Подбор дисков

Задние колеса - хабы 12мм
Передние колеса - подшипники 5x11

Для установки подойдут колеса от следующих моделей TRAXXAS:

  • Jato
  • Nitro Stampede
  • Nitro Sport

As for the wheels, I know you can get them for a nitro rusty but make sure you order the right ones. N rustys use 12mm hubs in the rear and 5x11 bearings in the front. It will take all the same wheels as the Jato, Nitro Stampede and Nitro Sport. They will say Nitro rear or Nitro front in the description. Just an idea for you, if you want to invest $20 - $40, you can use electric rusty a-arms, hub carriers and castor blocks. This will make the truck 3/4 inch wider for better handling and you will use 12 mm hubs front and back. Then you could use the same wheels all round and rotate them to prolong the life of the tire.